Sue Wong Fall 2007 – L.A. Fashion Week Review

Sue Wong’s Fall 2007 collection was all about fun, and it showed in the presentation. The L.A.-based designer staged a runway show of epic proportions that included 77 looks (the majority of the New York conveyer-belt productions typically include 30 to 40), themed segments and a go-go dancer introduction all paying homage to Britain in the swinging ‘60s.

From her sequined “Mod Squad” mini-dresses to a finale of a trio of bridal gowns, Wong provided much to admire in an ambitious Fall 2007 collection featuring nothing but dresses, all for a variety of occasions. While the quantity could have been pared down in favor of quality – Wong’s bohemian and more casual creations were not as unique as her more formal options – the less interesting dresses were forgiven thanks to an infectious soundtrack and pleasantly distracting accessories in the forms of handbags, head pieces by Mannolo Sanz and jewelry.

all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine