Scene at New York Fashion Week: Fall 2007 Edition II

Even braver than the souls who ventured out to the Bryant Park tents for various celebrity sightings were those who dared to step outside the temporary abode and into various off-site venues for more Fashion Week fun.

Movado Make-Your-Own Valentines: The company is known for its watches, but Valentine-themed jewelry was the focus of Movado’s annual make-your-own Valentine event in its midtown showroom. Guests were treated to catered finger foods, arts and crafts, and a look at sparkling, romantic jewelry featuring hearts, gemstones, and sterling silver. One guest quietly making Valentines was dancer/singer/actress Mya, who walked the runway as a model in the Heatherette show two days earlier.

Show me the…perfume!: Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was one of the many guests present at the Bill Blass perfume launch at the Four Seasons Grill Room. The women’s perfume is sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

NV-ing Carmen: Spokeswoman Carmen Electra was in town to promote NV, a dietary supplement tagged as a “rapid weight-loss beauty pill.” At a hospitality suite in the Night Hotel, Electra told a reporter that she was very happy with her current weight, so NV acts as a way to maintain it. The model and actress hit a number of shows at New York Fashion Week, including Anna Sui.

C’est chouette, Jacques Lorette!: Also at the Night Hotel, designer Jacqueline Lorette, her proud mother, and several models showed off the 22-year-old’s “Bleeding Heart” graphic tees (an example shown at right). The t-shirts and tank tops, accessorized by thick elastic belts, feature Lorette’s hand-drawn designs that include pink hearts weighed down by chains, hearts served on dinner plates, and skulls. But don’t let the dark descriptions disturb your post-Valentine’s glow: the delightful shirts manage to come across as light and whimsical, not depressing. To learn more about Lorette’s designs, go to

Overheard on the shuttle to Gustavo Arango show: A Brazilian journalist lamenting the fact that he had to cover countryman Alexandre Herchcovitch’s clothes…because he can’t stand them. Careful – you never know who’s listening!

P.S. = Proenza Schouler: Target set up a four-day temporary shop in Manhattan’s Opening Ceremony prior to the nationwide release of their latest Go International limited-edition collection, Proenza Schouler for Target. On the third day, customers were shivering out in the cold as early as 45 minutes prior to the store’s opening, then rushed in as soon as the clock struck noon. The problem? Most of the clothes left were in the size 13 or extra-large variety. Better off ordering from

Photos: Movado Valentine’s event – New York Fashion Week Fall 2007