CD review: Eason Chan – Happiness (幸福) (1999)

Tracks (English translations):

Disc 1

  1. Happiness of the Ferris Wheel
  2. Floating in the Air
  3. Turn Back 20 Years
  4. Caprice Sadness
  5. The Experts Say

Disc 2

  1. With You Here
  2. 春光乍洩 (translation not given)
  3. Bicentennial Man
  4. Rubbish
  5. Have To Leave
  6. Ultraman Soundtrack

Veteran singer Eason Chan made his debut in 1995 after winning the 14th Singing Competition organized by TVB. This is also the very same singing competition that other popular Hong Kong singers, such as Leon Lai and William Su, have won. Eason’s hit song, “Happiness of the Ferris Wheel” is such a sweet-sounding and melodious song that makes you thinks of sitting in a merry-go-round with your mind in a spin. The second track, “Floating in the Air,” is another lovely and enjoyable song that leaves you in a daze. After listening to these two tracks, it is always so tempting to press the repeat button again and again…an album definitely worth listening to! The second CD is a collection of live songs from several of Eason’s concerts in 1999. Track 6 in the second CD is a duet of Eason with Edmond Leung, which is the Cantonese version of the Japanese’s Ultraman soundtrack. It really brings up a lot of memories for those who watch Ultraman when they were young. With this album, Eason won five awards, including a “Gold Medal Song (overall) Award,” at the final Hong Kong music awards event run by TVB and three radio stations. Eason’s honors left nothing for the “Four Heavenly Kings” (Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok)!

Phoebe Chow is a student in Singapore.