Website reviews: Nitpickers, IMDB, Your Dictionary, Bible Gateway

The Nitpickers Site (

Ever watch a movie and something just doesn’t seem right? If so, this site is for you. Movie by movie, there are listings of irregularities that have occurred in movies. The “nitpicks” can be of many different kinds; in fact, you can even pick, as that is how the site works. People post their nitpicks and people can then follow up, sort of like a message board format. I found the site via a search on “mello yello,” and I discovered that in Forrest Gump there was a scene with a Mello Yello can. The problem? The scene took place before Mello Yello was first produced, 1979. This site can be fun just to check out what people have written about a favorite movie. As of now, the most all-time nit-picked movie is Titanic.

The Internet Movie Database (

The most nit-picked movie of all time (see above) is interestingly enough also the top grossing U.S. movie of all-time. All sorts of movie lists can be found at this site, as well movie summaries, movie news, movie showtimes, a movie glossary, photos, quotes, and even games. This site is one of the premier sites for movie afficionados.

Did you know that more than 260 languages now have online dictionaries? They can all be found through this amazing site. Of the languages I checked into, the dictionaries are very impressive with their word translation. And, for example, I was able to get to an ASL dictionary that actually shows someone signing whatever word you put in. And that is not all! There is a dictionary, thesaurus and “incredibly cool language tools” such as rhyming and pronunciation sites. I haven’t even fully explored the depths of the site, but I know it is the place to go for anything linguistics-related.

The Bible Gateway (

The all-time best selling book is online. The Bible can be searched here in 14 languages, and 11 versions. You can look up a word, a phrase, or a passage. And because of its extensive translations it is useful for comparison purposes as well.