Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2012 – New York Fashion Week Review

Following a short hiatus from the tents, Chado Ralph Rucci returned to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week lineup with a challenging women’s collection: one that seemed to emerge from the reflections of the surrounding brightly-lit backdrop and runway, but also one that utilized superior attention to craftsmanship.

This is no surprise given Rucci’s background as a painter and influence from Japan.  “Chado,” a Japanese word for a type of Zen Buddhist tea ceremony, signifies the Philadelphia native’s desire to elevate fashion above a state of consciousness.  For Spring 2012, Rucci did just that with kimono-like gowns, raincoats resembling sculptures and coats inspired by shibori (a Japanese cloth dyeing technique).  Then there are the details that put Rucci’s designs beyond most, such as the use of horsehair, petal embroidery and beaded fringe.  These pieces are not easy to construct, nor are they easy pieces to visually dissect.  But that is what makes Rucci’s work so compelling season after season.

Photos: Chado Ralph Rucci – Spring 2012
all photos by Kwai Chan