Interview with Adeline Chui – 2006 Miss New York Chinese Pageant Contestant #2

Born: New York
Occupation: Senior at the Bronx High School of Science

It looks like you’re the youngest [contestant]!

[lots of laughing from both sides] Yes, everyone is asking me that question! Yes, I am the youngest one.

How did you get the idea to enter [the pageant]? What motivated you?

Well, I heard about it from my mom first, and then my dancing teacher, and they really encouraged me to join this thing. I actually didn’t follow much about it until I went online, went on the Web site, and then saw last year’s winner and everything, and it got me hyped up about it.

Can you tell me a little bit about your talent portion?

It’s flamenco. It’s a type of Latin dancing. It’s a show dance. It’s solo, and I just picked it because I just love Latin dancing.

How long have you danced?

Since I was 12, on and off, you know, with school, other stuff. But on and off I’ve been dancing since I was 12.

So I take it, going to the Bronx High School of Science, you plan to study science later?

No, actually…science, I love science, especially physics. But I didn’t actually think about going into the science field. I like show more than working in the lab, let’s just put it that way.