2002 Seattle University Organized Streak

The summer is not complete without starting the month of June off with the annual Seattle University Organized Streak!

This year I somehow overslept and jolted awake at 12:50 p.m. The streak is usually held the first Monday of the month, or the first day of final exams. I got up, grabbed my cameras and literally RAN nine blocks in full camera gear. I amazingly arrived at 1:05 p.m. People were starting to gather. Some idiot joggers ran through the quad, asking what the event was, and people yelled, “Take it all off!” HAH.

The music was blaring and there were about 350 spectators sitting, standing, chillin’ with their lunches…and a whole lot of cameras! This Organized Streak consists of students, staff and faculty running for about 5 minutes around the George Tsutakawa fountain in painted skin and only neckties. Some wear masks, while some exhibitionists bare it all. Somehow it seems that the more the flesh there is, the less disguised they are.

Few people of color. This year, I did meet some Asian women, who claim that they will run in the next year’s event. YEAH, right.

(Ed. Note: For the squeamish, we have thumbnails from the streak on this page instead of full-size images (which you can view by clicking to enlarge). Warning: these folks are naked!)

both photos by I.H. Kuniyuki