Meniscus Magazine Supports 2013 Chinatown Restaurant Week

Meniscus Magazine (, an online arts and entertainment magazine, is proud to serve as a community supporter for the second annual Chinatown NYC Restaurant Week.  Between Mar. 16-31, 2013, select restaurants will offer prix fixe meals for $20.13 each, with 15 percent of  proceeds going toward charitable causes and non-profit organizations.

PThis year’s list of restaurants includes:

Asia Roma, 40 Mulberry St.

Diamond Hill Cafe, 145 Canal St.

Golden Unicorn Restaurant, 18 E. Broadway

Emperor Japanese Tapas Shabu Restaurant, 96 Bowery St.

HK Wonton Garden, 79 Mulberry St.

Lobster Boat,11 Mott St.

Lucky Plaza Restaurant, 81 Chrystie St.

Mika Japanese Cuisine & Bar, 150 Centre St.

Mottzar Kitchen, 70 Mott St. (call ahead for reservations)

Nha Trang One, 87 Baxter St. (dinner only)

Old Sichuan,65 Bayard St.

Peking Duck House, 28 Mott St. (lunch only)

Pho Grand, 277c Grand St.

Red Egg, 202 Centre St. (last year several Meniscus staffers enjoyed a heavily discounted dinner here featuring high-quality food)

Shanghai Cuisine, 89 Bayard St.

Shanghai Gourmet, 23 Pell St.

Xe Lửa Vietnamese Restaurant, 86 Mulberry St.

Vegetarian Dim Sum House, 24 Pell St.

Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, 50 Mott St.

On top of the fixed price meals, several other businesses will offer special deals.  They include:

Grand Bo Ky Restaurant, 216 Grand St.

Häagen-Dazs at 53 Mott St. will offer a Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Cake (serve 6-8 people) for $19.99, taxes included (and one-third off the regular price).  Customers can pick two flavors of ice cream for the cake and can place their orders 24 hours before pickup. Tel: (212) 571-1970.  Pre-made cakes will also be available.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor, 13 Doyer St.  The longtime dim sum joint will offer a free drink per person with any meal. Be sure to mention the phrase “Chinatown Restaurant Week.”

Supporting these businesses in Manhattan Chinatown means supporting a neighborhood still reeling from the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and more recently, Hurricane Sandy.  A look at Chinatown a couple of days after the hurricane when the lower half of the borough was without power:

Video: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath – Manhattan Chinatown

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