Crowdsourcing the Bangkok startup scene

world-startup-report-logoBowei Gai is on a mission.  The entrepreneur, who sold his Silicon Valley startup Cardmunch to social networking site LinkedIn, left the relative security of his professional life to travel to 36 cities in 29 countries.  He seeks a variety of answers to this one question: What does it take to begin a startup in different parts of the world?

Unofficially beginning his quest in October 2011 by surveying Beijing, Gai resumed his around-the-world survey in earnest earlier this year, asking those in the know to crowdsource not through Foursquare or another app, but simply the old-fashioned way by showing up to a venue, raising their hands and verbally offering what they knew.  The results, which are being documented on Gai’s World Startup Report website and related social media networks, have been quite revealing.

Gai hit the Launchpad co-working space in Bangkok on Apr. 22, where he asked all sorts of attendees to offer their insights on the startup scene in Thailand.  Topics included initial operating costs, where to find the best coders and even corruption.  Here is how we called part of that event on Twitter:

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