U.S.’s first fully organic restaurant serves simple satisfaction

Video report and interview with GustOrganics General Manager Eyal Amin by Derrick Henry.

Calling all foodies, there is a new organic restaurant in New York City – and, for now, the only one of its kind.

Located at 519 Avenue of the Americas and 14th St., GustOrganics is the first USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) certified organic bar and restaurant in the United States. It took the restaurant owners two and a half years of hard work in order to be certified fully organic by the USDA. Everything in the restaurant is organic and recyclable, from the take out menus down to the chairs that we were sitting on in the dining room.

The restaurant’s rustic décor has a homey feel to it, while the menu is simple and satisfying. I was able to try the mushroom risotto, gluten-free penne with a fresh tomato and basil sauce, assorted empanadas and dessert selections. The risotto was light, and you can see and taste the mushrooms very well in the dish. The penne was slightly chewy due to the lack of gluten, but the tomato and basil sauce was excellent and made up for the thick texture of the pasta. The empanadas were not heavy nor did they have a processed taste to them. They would be perfect appetizers at a company party, or even during a cocktail hour at a wedding! To accompany these dishes, I was served a drink called the “Rojo,” a blend of strawberry, orange juice and agave – a nice, refreshing palate cleanser.

My favorite part of the meal was dessert. It was an interesting sampler of cheesecake, flan, apple pudding and alfajores, an Argentinean cookie filled with dulce de leche and dusted with coconut flakes. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and you leave the restaurant satisfied in many ways.

For more information about GustOrganics, go to www.gustorganics.com. In addition to the restaurant, GustOrganics offers delivery and catering.